Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fish Island

Long time no post bc I've been doing a lot out of school (we still havent broken up) eg overtime at work to pay for my car, and a photography course every Monday. But from Friday I am mainly freee and I should be posting a lot as I have a lot of new clothes. All of these photos are from the 8th of June when I met up with Antonio and Ophelia. We mainly stuck to trekking round East London (me and Antonio met in Brick Lane then went on to a sample sale in Bleach London to find Ophelia. From there we went to Fish Island to take photos). I'd met Ophelia before, a year ago, but I started talking to Antonio a couple of years ago on tumblr and this was the first time in real life. I had to size these down then enlarge them to 'original size' to make them fit my blog so better quality versions will be on Antonio's blog.

My face has never been quite so full frontal and I was so nervous before because I assumed that would be the case. As long as I don't look too long at any picture I'm not too weirded out. All photos by Antonio unless otherwise specified and some are digital some are film.

Ophelia in a Meadham Kirchhoff bustier.

Antonio ran out of film so we switched to my camera (that I was testing and never used before) with his lens. I also got these processed at Asda so I may also change that as the quality is much much worse. (The photos in this post aren't chronological but these two above and a few others use my camera.)

By me and again, taken on my camera (above).

Photo below I appear to be pushing my jaw forward

(Taken by me and my crappy camera. Definitely switching back to my old one)

Mmmm and again these bottom two by me and on my camera.

Thanks for looking and do go over to Antonio's blog to look at his other stuff and to see these in a much better light.


Saturday, June 07, 2014


A super old outfit from one-two months ago . I went out with my family to do the Beaulieu to Buckler's Hard walk on a random Sunday. The villages were both really quaint and kind of like stereotypical chocolate box cottage, war-time England ones. There were ponies/horses wandering around by themselves and small ice cream shops -similar to a place nearer where I live called called Burley. 

Grey jumper - Salvation Army £1
Grid polo neck jumper - eBay £10 ish
Wide pinstripe trousers - eBay - £10 ish
Superga shoes - eBay- £12
Random black socks & scrunchie

After a 4 mile walk we stopped at Steff's Kitchen for food - it was kind of like a deli. Had I been more hungry I'd have pushed the boat out for an actual sandwich but having just relinquished my 7 week prohibition of refined sugar at this point (lent) (i'm not religious) (it was a test of willpower) I opted for a scone.

Crop Top - Topshop £8

I also saw the back of my head in a security camera and realised quite how pressing a matter it was that I get my roots done, as well as get it cut, while I was there (I have since done so). Short hair is such a pain to upkeep.

Monday, June 02, 2014

i found something in a lightening storm

The London street inspired company Pippa Lynn were kind enough to send me over a sample skirt to review. There are two variations of the same outfit in this blog post because unfortunately the skirt sent was too big, so I wasn't able to wear it outdoors - if I had it would have fallen down but I used a hairclip to hold it up to photograph it in my lounge, and I had already taken the other photos a month ago with the same tops on.

"Pippa Lynn picks up on the street style spotted around their East London HQ. Big on biker details, bomber jackets and boxy crop tops, Pippa Lynn twists things up with a poppin’ colour palette and some cool-girl credentials."

The line is sold in Urban Outfitters and Asos. The material of this skirt is surprisingly thick and the zip really secure so it feels really sturdy. I also love the a-line shape and the fact that it's quite a bright but nonabrasive neon, so if it had have fit around the waist I'd definitely wear it out. Yellow generally seems to be quite underrated and I'm recently really getting into mustard/gold variations of it, so it matched the accumulating clothes I have in these colours perfectly.

The second lot of photos here were taken in April. My mum has Tuesdays off work now and i had a double free period the other week so she picked me up from school and we went to Boscombe/Pokesdown for lunch. It all felt very weird leaving and going back to school in the middle of the day and although I am allowed to leave, and the novelty of going to the shop at interval wore off in the first week of term, clothes shopping/eating in a cafe then sitting in like, Geography, for an hour, was strange. 

The last time I tried to take outfit photos there I chickened out but this time I conquered my fear despite the literal ogling from people on buses going past. There are a few cool shop fronts and although some of it is somewhat run down there's a kind of character in that.

White turtle neck - Charity shop - £2
Baroque crop top - eBay - £18
Skirt - eBay - £10
Shoes - Solovair £16
Roman coin necklace - Poole museum - £1.50

I've also been getting into wearing 10/15 denier tights recently - I relish in the ugliness of them and my sister calls them granny tights. They also ladder really easily which I don't really mind (until they're hanging off you and people begin to actually comment).

My hair still needed cutting at this point and I seem to be having to take outfit photos on days I feel ugly so do excuse the face.

Above In a junk/antiques shop called cobwebs where I bought a necklace.

- Hollie

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I turned 17 this past Sunday despite the fact that I inhabit the body of a prepubescent 12 year old and I was lucky enough to have gotten an invite to a screening of Maleficent (due to being a blogger for this Disney Hub) in Leicester square that morning to I headed up to London with my mum and watched the film. Reviews/reactions were embargoed until today because it wasn't yet released so I left posting this until I was able to say how it was. I was genuinely shocked at how amazing I found it. Of course being Disney it was going to be good but!! i!! was!! not!! expecting!! how!! good!! it actually!!!! was

I got there early and left late so I inevitably missed seeing anyone famous that was there. v v v v v v stupid of me (im a shameless made in chelsea fan and lucy watson was there).

I then went to Brick Lane for the afternoon after getting cake in the cafe 'Look Mum No Hands'. I had banana bread there and it had unidentified nuts inside it. This was marginally distressing but the decor in the place was cool.

Jumpsuit - Clobber, vintage shop, £18
Shoes - Dr Martens, eBay, £20 ish
Mesh lurex top - Salvation Army, £2
Cutoff 10 denier tights for socks
Necklace - Salvation Army, £1
Earrings - Molly's den, £3
Green/grey jumper - Molly's den, £8

My complexion/face skin is uncontrollable. not in a good way

This was in All Star Lanes in Shoreditch. I watched Made in Chelsea briefly on Monday night and they were in there!! My food was good apart from the seeds that pillaged the inside of the burger which was very exotic for anyone nearly as fussy as me.

Anyway as of two days ago I started driving lessons and had my first shift at a new job last Saturday. I also decided to do a photography short course at the Arts University near where I live because I felt like a bit of a fraud using a manual film camera without the faintest idea what I was doing. I'm 3 out of 10 weeks in and it has been really useful so far. So despite exams finishing and not having school again until the 16th of June I've managed to somehow still have a lot to be doing with my time?????// 

- Hollie

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Disney Maleficent Hub

Hello! Evidently, I haven't been posting. I've been quite busy with revision - my exams finished last Friday - but the main reason for my absence has been that I am one of the 'key ambassadors' of the official tumblr microsite for Disney's upcoming film release 'Maleficent'!! It has all been confidential until now but I've been working on stuff for it for maybe two months. I'll probably be producing 3 pieces of content a week there for about 6 weeks, in the styles of the two main characters of the film, Maleficent, played by Angelina Jolie, and Aurora, played by Elle Fanning. I'll crosslink some of the stuff I put there on here and I have about 3 other outfit posts (photos from the last couple of months) written and two others that I need to do within the next couple of days so I'll be back to at least weekly posting either way. 

My first two pieces are up here and here so do go over to the hub and have a look around - there's a few other bloggers doing similar stuff as well. The trailer for the film is below - although I'm sure you've seen it already as it seems to be everywhere! The scale of the production seems mammoth and I watch every film of Elle Fanning's/every Disney film anyway so it definitely looks worth seeing!

Below is a collage of high street/designer garments from one of my first pieces for the hub - based on feathers akin to those of Maleficent's wings in the film. I loved the Alexander Mcqueen collection as a whole anyway (as always) but the red in the (Alexander Mcqueen) leggings and top added here tie in with the same kind of red accent you get from Maleficent's lipstick.

 The layered, textured, red/black/monochrome theme of the moodboard also reminded me of one of my textiles products from this year - photos of which are below, mainly because they match colour-wise and make this post longer yet tenuously cohesive.

Text from a post I wrote back in April:

When I was brainstorming for my second and third textiles projects of the year back in March, I became obsessed by the idea of texture and juxtaposition (I basically took my somewhat dormant (following my black clothes only clothes detox) obsession with matched clothes to the nth degree). I looked for examples of clothes with this essence to help form a moodboard for the projects and  found Junya Watanabe/Wild and Lethal Trash on Tumblr once having scoured various late 90s/early 2000s fashion blogs. I also looked to Bjork.

 By coincidence, I also discovered the second skin video series by styleliku around the same time - I had seen snippets of it from their instagram posts for weeks before and had always been intrigued but always managed to forget to pursue it, until I saw Arabelle Sicardi's when she posted it on her blog. I watched all of them within 24 hours and found an obsession in Lindsey Degen. I hugely recommend watching all of the videos in the series though!

For my third project I looked more in detail at knitwear designers (still texture oriented) such as Clare Tough and Katie Jones. I attempted crocheting some samples for my folder and just about managed but I really want to learn properly how to knit.

Katie Jones

Clare Tough

I'm wearing my finished second project skirt (the other two turned out very ugly/unwearable) below.

Stripe polo neck - vintage, Clobber, £7
Mesh black tshirt - vintage, eBay, £16
Docs - vintage, eBay, £20 ish
15 denier tights

This was about a month ago and since here I've tried my best to work on not looking so disgusting/stiff/awkward!! I've also had my hair cut and my roots done.

Photos of the skirt in the textiles rooms at school (used for lack of a better space) which were just generic ones for my folder. But I happened to be wearing a co-ordinating red shirt that day so they kind of work as outfit pictures too.

- Hollie