Sunday, April 19, 2015


I've been meaning to post this outfit for while but have forgotten my memory card twice when taking my camera out with me - so I finally resorted to taking these in the front room. I feel like I'm 13 again wearing floor length charity shop skirts and grotty cardigans.

Cardigan - Urban Outfitters £20 (eBay)
Skirt - Topshop £32
Shoes - Topshop £30
Lattice crop top - Urban Outfitters £8 (eBay)
Stripe crop top - Topshop £12
Necklace - Urban Outfitters £8

I'm in the final stretch of my last school year now and I'm glad to be nearing the end, despite the looming exams. However summer should be good!! I have planned to go to Kavos with friends (which is ridiculously funny bc it is so not me) and possibly to go interrailling round Europe with a friend after that. Im not complaining about the 3 month long summer we get this year!

Thank you for reading! Hollie

Saturday, January 24, 2015


So I'm crawling out of the woodworks from my over zealous December promise of 4 posts a month with this meagre outfit. I worked every day of the Christmas holidays bar Christmas day, boxing day, new years day, and one Sunday I visited family on the Isle of White, leaving next to no chance for blogging. Now I'm back at school I'm putting it into my planner to ensure I have a set day every week I write/do something here. I have a feeling it might last a little longer because I am definitely guilty of talking myself out of it if I don't feel any urgency/hold myself to deadlines.

You may or may not notice this looks a bit different - I was lucky enough to get a lens (Canon 50mm 1.4) for Christmas and it has been fun trying to use it. It is also extremely fun for my mum to try to get to grips with shallow depth of field (half of the photos from this day were very out of focus and a few of the ones here are a bit iffy).

Coat - Asos
Scarf - Asos
Top - Christmas present but GAP
Shoes - Topshop but they creak loudly with every step so I don't recommend
Skirt - Asos
Necklace - Christmas present but Urban Outfitters
Bag - Xmas 2013 present but charity shop

Seeing these photos has made me realise how desperately I need my roots done so I'll be getting around to doing that soon. 

Downside of a better lens = annoying specks of whatever are actually picked up (and I'm not skilled enough to photoshop them out).

I wore this to London last Sunday where I met Ellie and Ophelia - I've met them a few times before but we initially found each other through blogging. Ellie and I got Pret lunch and Ophelia got Wasabi when she found us. Then we went to to the National Portrait Gallery to look at the Grayson Perry exhnition. All the photos that I would otherwise also put here are either on film or are/were on my phone that sadly got stolen when we were sat in Ed's diner. 

Thank you for reading!


Tuesday, December 02, 2014

rain circles

Two half term posts went really well!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway this is my post to fulfil my December one post a month quota (no but i really do intend to try to post once a week this month). 

I had Friday morning off of school so I went with my mum to the hospital (irrelevant) and it was really decrepit round the back so I forced her to for once take photos and get over myself and being embarrassed to be able to actually blog. I can't believe how long I've been doing this how scared it still makes me. It was also absolutely freezing and I shunned my coat for these pictures. 

Vintage Jaeger top - £15 eBay
Zara skirt - £15 ish
Topshop stripe crop top underneath - £10
Vintage desert boots - £20 ish
Disgustingly thin tights - Primark
Asos necklace I forgot to take off - £8 maybe

Wow I look extremely short here. I am short but I try to wear shoes that disguise it a bit and these definitely don't. They are also very uncomfortable and squeak a LOT on any non carpeted floor so they're really not practical in the slightest.

I have the afternoon off tomorrow so if I get round to it I may take some photos for another post for next week. I'm just really missing how exciting I used to find blogging and the concept of the internet circa 2012 and feel like I've been letting go of it slightly. Writing wise my posts are a lot shorter than I remember them being, too, which is annoying for me. I just can't think for the life of me what I can write that is anything of substance/use so instead I just don't.

Thank you for reading anyway,


Thursday, October 23, 2014


Helloooooooooooo I am glad to be back. I got into a mindset of working every evening and both days at the weekend to be able to pay my parents back for my car (also passed my driving test two weeks ago woo) so I've had 0 time with my mum who I usually enslave to take my photo for me. I had Tuesday afternoon off school though and managed to take these.

Zebra top - ebay £5
Grandad collar shirt - Salvation Army £1
Docs - eBay £50
Skirt - Asos £38
Necklace - Asos £9

Bag - christmas gift 

The skirt and shirt are too big so I don't wear them much but the curve shapes at the sides match which is SO COOL despite feeling like a walking clothes horse all day wearing both at the same time.

It's pretty much half term now and I'm going to try to commit to two or three blog posts to catch up with things I bought and wore throughout the summer still. I'm also going to read troves of everyone's blog posts since about June when I last had a chance to keep up to date. Thanks for reading, even though my consistency on here is non existent.

- Hollie

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

meandering back

Mmmmmmm I'm finally back after summer. I had a measly 6 weeks, the first 3 of which I moped around (and did some overtime at work in) before I went to Italy for a week followed by Reading festival the day after we landed back in the UK. I was then weirdly ill for a week after Reading so I wasn't even 1% productive then and now I'm suddenly back at school. However I'm itching to getting back to being more active here. Two rolls of  36 exp film to get developed and a few new clothes to be wearing will hopefully motivate me.

I also need to thank Ellie for sending me this top which is absolutely fab (though admittedly challenging to keep up, but I've persevered and worn it rather constantly despite that). She sent me a surprise envelope of cool stuff at the start of summer and I'm ever grateful.

These photos are from the other night when I went for pizza then to the cinema to see an advanced screening of the film 'Pride', which is about gay and lesbian activists supporting miners while they were on strike in 1984. It was very good and I would recommend. 

-candid- but had to crop my head because it's blurry

Top - Vintage I assume but a gift from Ellie
Skirt - One that half the population owns from Topshop
Belt - Rokit £12 and the most perfect belt I've ever owned
Random tote
Shoes - My new go to Doc Martens - 90s sample ones that were only once used on a photoshoot in London and never produced as a proper line and I love them so the £52 I splurged on them with is half justified
Primark pop socks

My head is down because I just got my roots done and I feel so weird with it bc it needs to calm down a bit with some regrowth (with my eyebrows it just looks a bit odd atm so better hide my face).

These are the same shoes as I've got on above but closer - they're basically leather slipper type docs with a bit of a platform.

I also wore this top with some red shorts from Topshop while in Venice. Above was in the restaurant we ate in the night of the day I got my AS results (by a horrific email) just off St Marks Square. We got the best food there and I still yearn for it now. Below is in a random street.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fish Island

Long time no post bc I've been doing a lot out of school (we still havent broken up) eg overtime at work to pay for my car, and a photography course every Monday. But from Friday I am mainly freee and I should be posting a lot as I have a lot of new clothes. All of these photos are from the 8th of June when I met up with Antonio and Ophelia. We mainly stuck to trekking round East London (me and Antonio met in Brick Lane then went on to a sample sale in Bleach London to find Ophelia. From there we went to Fish Island to take photos). I'd met Ophelia before, a year ago, but I started talking to Antonio a couple of years ago on tumblr and this was the first time in real life. I had to size these down then enlarge them to 'original size' to make them fit my blog so better quality versions will be on Antonio's blog.

My face has never been quite so full frontal and I was so nervous before because I assumed that would be the case. As long as I don't look too long at any picture I'm not too weirded out. All photos by Antonio unless otherwise specified and some are digital some are film.

Ophelia in a Meadham Kirchhoff bustier.

Antonio ran out of film so we switched to my camera (that I was testing and never used before) with his lens. I also got these processed at Asda so I may also change that as the quality is much much worse. (The photos in this post aren't chronological but these two above and a few others use my camera.)

By me and again, taken on my camera (above).

Photo below I appear to be pushing my jaw forward

(Taken by me and my crappy camera. Definitely switching back to my old one)

Mmmm and again these bottom two by me and on my camera.

Thanks for looking and do go over to Antonio's blog to look at his other stuff and to see these in a much better light.